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Made to measure latex catsuit pattern
Price :
1:1 - 95.62 EUR
Weight :150 g Status :Item is made to measure after you order
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Easy way to obtain as many made to measure catsuits as you will ever need . For ridiculously small amount of money , you can get advantage of hunderds of man-hours of research and development of this catsuit pattern . Over the years of catsuit manufacturing , this pattern absorbed many incentives from our customers . It has been improved upon , step-by-step , to make it as simple as possible , while giving you the best fit you can dream of . You would have to manufacture hundreds of catsuits yourself to achieve this state of perfection .

How it works :
- order this product and send us your body measurements by email ( see required measurements on the left side of this screen ) . We will calculate and create life-sized templates of your catsuit pattern according to your measurements ( pattern needs to be calculated for every thickness of latex separately ) . You will receive the pattern by post ( cannot be sent by email ) . You will then trace the templates directly on the latex sheeeting .

With this time-proven pattern , you will save lots of money and time , which you would otherwise spend ,with trial & error method ...

Don´t forget to add supplies for latex clothing manufacture.

The instructions how to glue the latex can be found HERE.

Frequently asked questions
Q : is it possible to send the pattern by email ?
A : no , only by post - some parts have to be hand-drawn.

Available options
Option Price :
thickness 0.2mm0 EUR
thickness 0.35mm0 EUR
thickness 0.4mm0 EUR
thickness 0.45mm0 EUR
thickness 0.5mm0 EUR
thickness 0.8mm0 EUR
thickness 1,1mm0 EUR
thickness 3mm0 EUR
Don´t forget to add to your order : talc ( makes dressing up easier ) - and latex polish ( enhances natural gloss of latex )
Talc powder
7.13 EUR
Latex polish & lube
13.91 EUR
Water-based latex lubricant , 600ml
15.9 EUR

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