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Zipper embedded in latex
Price :
Zipper embedded in latex - 1m - 16.96 EUR
Slider for zipper embeded in latex - 1.09 EUR
Status :In stock , despatch within 1-2 business days

Zipper ready to be glued with latex sheeting . It is completely encapsulated in latex , which also ovehangs over the edge , being thinner towards the edge . This creates gradual transit between unstretchy zipper and stretchy latex sheeting . That has several advantages :

- reduced risk of latex ripping right next to zipper ( caused by zipper not being stretchy)
- reduced risk of zipper becomming detached - even when comparing it to zipper soaked with our zipper glue and overlaped with reinforcing latex stripes on inside
- saves lots of time by eliminating need to prepare the zipper yourself ( otherwise you need to soak the zipper with zipper glue , glue it with latex and then glue latex stripes over the edges of zipper )

Both zipper and sliders are available only in black color . Zipper is sold only by whole metres . Maximum length of one piece is 2 metres . If you order 1 piece , you will get 1 metre of zipper . If you order 2 pieces , you will get 2 metres in one piece . If you order 3 pieces , you will get 2 metres in one piece + 1 metre separately .

Sliders are sold separately - this way , you can put any number of sliders you need on one zipper .
Don´t forget to add to your order : talc ( makes dressing up easier ) - and latex polish ( enhances natural gloss of latex )
Talc powder
6.75 EUR
Latex polish & lube
10.14 EUR