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Latex vacbed 205 x 150 cm - airtight , you can turn the vacuumcleaner off
Price :601.21 EUR Weight :7500 g Status :Item is made to measure after you order

woman in black latex vacbed

Latex vacbed - size XL - standard dimensions are 205x150 cm . Upon request it is possible to make the bed longer .

This is very strong and effective bondage device . Unlike other vacuumbeds , this one is airtight , so you can enjoy it without the noise of running vacuumcleaner .

How it works : the bed composes of sack , with one short side open . Thru this opening , frame is inserted into the sack . The frame is 50 cm shorter then the sack itself . This allows you to roll up the excess length of the sack and seal the opening . Because there is no zipper at all , the only opening left is the air outlet . So inside the outlet pipe , there is one-way automatic valve , which allows you to suck the air out , but it doesn´t let the air to go back , when you disconnect the vacuum cleaner . Now you can finally enjoy the vacbed without that annoying noise of running vacuumcleaner! Manual can be found at bottom of the page .

Package includes : latex sack , frame equipped with automatic one-way valve, sealing rod , clamps for fixation of sealing rod , adaptor for vacuumcleaner connection ( fits all vacuumcleaners ).

There is also variety of options , check them out !

Available options
Option Price :
thickness 0.4mm - both sides0 EUR
thickness 0.5mm - both sides79.16 EUR
standard frame – plastic0 EUR
extra strong stainless steel frame128.16 EUR
breathing hole 6mm0 EUR
Airtight-attached breathing hose15.04 EUR
attached made to measure airtight collar ( head is then outside )33.89 EUR
airtight-attached plastic gag47.08 EUR
airtight-attached gag with breathing regulation73.46 EUR
Attached half-mask , made to measure111.19 EUR
airtight-attached made to measure mask – add to cart separately111.19 EUR
Airtight attached latex gag with breathing hose – inner diameter 5mm52.73 EUR
airtight opening in crotch ( airtight only for men )3.73 EUR
airtight attached penis sheath30.12 EUR
Length 220cm ( only with plastic frame ) 67.85 EUR
Length 240cm ( only with plastic frame ) 135.7 EUR
bigger / smaller size - ask for quote !0 EUR
Don´t forget to add to your order : talc ( makes dressing up easier ) - and latex polish ( enhances natural gloss of latex )
Talc powder
6.75 EUR
Latex polish & lube
10.14 EUR