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Made to measure latex catsuit without zipper , 2-piece
Price :373.16 EUR Status :Item is made to measure after you order

- NO ZIPPER : this gives you extraordinary freedom of movement . It also makes the catsuit completely airtight .

- EASY TO PUT ON : bottom part thru the neck opening , the top part as regullar shirt .

- FIT : skintight , made-to-measure , guaranteed to fit - any type of figure all over the entire body . Fit can be adjusted for man or woman . No more loose sleeves , choking collar or short legs !

- REINFORCED CRITICAL SPOTS : reinforced armpits, reiforced bottom of the crotch .

- SEAMS : welded-like, water-proof, air and water tight , but still flexible seams . The bond created by our vulcanizing glue is so strong , that no matter how much you stress the seam , you would rather rip the latex before the seam separates . I will eat my hat if you can make our seam to come apart !

- THICKNESS : standard thickness of the catsuit is 0.35 mm or 0.2mm (optionally 0.5mm / 0.8mm / 1.2mm / 3mm ) . If you are not sure about the thickness and you want the catsuit to be sleek and skintight , select 0.35mm .

After you place your order , please email us your measurements according to the scheme on the left side .

Available options
Option Price :
Color of your choice0 EUR
thickness 0.25 mm35.81 EUR
thickness 0.4mm0 EUR
thickness 0.5mm18.81 EUR
thickness 0.8mm54.66 EUR
thickness 1,1mm112.7 EUR
thickness 3mm225.78 EUR
attached made to measure latex mask - insert into cart separately111.19 EUR
Airtight-attached made to measure mask without face84.81 EUR
feet - attached standard socks50.85 EUR
feet - attached made to measure socks99.89 EUR
hands - attached gloves47.08 EUR
attached cat-tail93.86 EUR
zipper in crotch , 2 sliders32.04 EUR
attached penis sheath30.12 EUR
reinforced penis opening11.27 EUR
breast cups ( made to measure )24.5 EUR
full collar0 EUR
low collar0 EUR
no collar0 EUR
low neckline0 EUR
Express manufacture+35%

Don´t forget to add to your order : talc ( makes dressing up easier ) - and latex polish ( enhances natural gloss of latex )
Talc powder
6.75 EUR
Latex polish & lube
10.14 EUR